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productivity coaching

The Productivity Coaching program is designed to get new agents into production quickly and build a foundation of competency and financial success. As well, as helping seasoned agents reaching capping status and reach their highest potential.

The KWSWPC is for agents looking for stable, steady, gradual growth to build out a highly profitable business.

amp up your business

We are committed to helping both new agents and experienced associates map out the actionable plans to achieve specific goals. Our Productivity Coach provides a customized plan, direction and accountability using the Millionaire Real Estate Agent business plan model. The coaching program is designed to support the development of you, the business owner, during your transition to cap status.

We will show you, teach you, guide you, encourage you and keep you accountable, and YOU must do the work.

Find and Fund Your Big Why

We understand that activities dictate our results – not the market. Whether you’re new to the industry or already a top producer, the Career Growth Initiative brings laser focus to the activities that lead to results.


This suite of interconnected value tools provides you an unprecedented view into your business so you know EXACTLY what needs to be accomplished in order achieve all-new levels of production and profitability: the two factors that determine if your business can fund the life you envision for yourself and your family

advanced open house hosting

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