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Fatima Haq

Productivity Coaching has helped me immensely to raise my own production standards. My profession is very competitive and you need to outshine others in order to gain business. These coaching sessions have not only given me a vision but also a career path to follow. I am well organized and ready to get more business without getting overwhelmed.


Knowledge is power and coaching has helped me to deal with difficult situations efficiently and effectively. I would highly recommend both new and old agents to get involved with Coaches and see the difference in your career.  




Danielle Jones

Jana is an amazing Coach and has been a massive contributor to my success in Real Estate. Before becoming a coaching client of Jana’s, I struggled with ALL aspects of Real Estate. How to find business, mindset, education, and resources. Jana has challenged me to go outside my comfort zone and helped to Identify what my strengths and weaknesses were.


She has helped me overcome major hurdles that hindered me for MONTHS and prevented me from becoming a successful Real Estate Agent. I have learned so much from Jana, and she has also helped me to learn a tremendous amount not just about real estate, but about MYSELF. 

Kamal Elqutub

Where do I start? Jana has been a phenomenal coach for me. I have been her client for a year and a half. She cares about my production as if it was hers. She holds me accountable to my goals and believes in me no matter what challenges I face.

If you are thinking about signing up for her coaching, stop right now and sign up! The return that I have made from being in her program has multiplied itself multiple times over. 

Get ready to be held accountable, lose your excuses, and elevate your life to the next level! 

Krys Green

The best, brightest, and most successful active agents offer their wisdom to the PC program by teaching classes that align with their strengths. This means the PC is offering new agents the chance to learn how to be the best, from the best.


Exemplary inter-office teamwork aids new agents as they embark on the next chapter in their lives. PC is a well-oiled machine and deserves recognition for their determination to see new agents deliver results, love of training and development, selflessness, and adaptability. If there are any new agents looking to change the trajectory of their career and need support navigating the waters of a new journey.


Look no further, Keller Williams Southwest should be the first and only stop.

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