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Every year REALTOR® Magazine selects young, successful real estate professionals who have demonstrated skill, success, passion and leadership in their careers to receive the distinguished honor of 30 Under 30. This year, Keller Williams’ rising stars Jennie Lok and Rachel Major have made the 2019 Class.


“Congratulations Jennie and Rachel for your recognition in this year’s 30 Under 30 Awards,” said Gary Keller, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Keller Williams.  

“This well-deserved honor isn’t just the result of your hard work, but your thoughtful foresight and commitment to serving your clients and communities at the highest level. By taking bold steps forward in your businesses and lives, you are redefining the way real estate is being done and will make a lasting impression on our industry for years to come. We are proud and honored to have you as a part of our KW family.”


Jennie Lok - Keller Williams Peninsula Estates

Burlingame, California

📷Age: 26

2018 Individual Numbers: $25.1 million sales volume, 25 transaction sides

2018 Team Numbers: $109.5 million sales volume, 124 transaction sides

At the age of 23, I purchased my first home in South San Francisco and rented out the remaining rooms. Before I knew it, I was making money and had equity.

My parents are my "big why". 

They immigrated from China in the 1980s. I watched them work long, 14-hour days, and after years of dedication, they were able to buy their own home. I witnessed my parents go from having nothing to owning a home in the U.S. I saw what real estate did for them, and I decided to learn as much as I could, get my license, and help others figure out how real estate could help them.

Rachel Major - Keller Williams Rivertown

Grand Rapids, Michigan

📷Age: 28

2018 Individual Numbers: $16 million sales volume, 79 transaction sides

After purchasing a short sale in 2012, I decided to become an agent. I was 21 at the time - a nervous, single, first-time home buyer. But the agents who represented me made the five-month-long short sale process appear seamless. I loved every minute of the transaction and sought to understand it all, so I could help others with their home-buying or home-selling journey.

Since then, I have purchased a total of three distressed properties; two are currently single-family rentals. With prior experience in mortgage servicing, I can answer many questions related to the mortgage process for my buyers. This combination of experiences is a real differentiator that sets me apart in this industry.

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